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M. L. Hammer
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     Ms. M. L. Hammer has been both a guidance counselor and a friend to me for 4 years. Words cannot express the joy it has been to know this woman and all of the help and inspiration she has given me through the 3 years I was in Middle School. Whenever I had a problem, Ms. Hammer was there to help. Whenever I had a new idea for the school newspaper or new artwork I wanted to show her, she would always be sitting there in her colorful office with the rainbow handprints on the walls and furniture. When I felt lost...alone...scared...or sad....she was always there to put a smile on my face, as she does with the rest of the students, as well. I remember how I would sit in her office for hours and fiddle around on the computer or draw things for the school paper, while we would talk and laugh and have a good ol' time. I wish I could do it all over again, and now that I am in high school, it seems that I can't go back. But I know that I can always go back and knock on the door of the office of one great woman...M. L. Hammer...a friend forever.


Smilie Face


     One day, while I was sitting in class, Mrs, Caudill, the secretary in the office, came in and handed me a note that said "Ms. Hammer in the Middle School needs to see you after class." When the bell rang I got my things and walked over to the Middle School office, where Ms. Hammer stood, waiting for me. 2 seconds after I walked through the door, she walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. She said she saw this page and she said that it touched her.  I told her that for the rest of our lives, we would always be friends and that we would never lose touch. Then I told her goodbye. When I walked outside, it was raining lightly, the sky was cloudy, and the wind was cold and biting. Everyone stood on the porch waiting for their bus, shivering and huddling together, but as I walked across the parking lot without my coat, I felt warm inside...I felt really special because of what Ms. Hammer said...and that made me realize just how special she is.

 Beating Heart

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