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"Robert White and Friends"

.....welcome to ryan's world......

     In August of 2000, I was home alone in my bedroom watching the Nickelodeon cartoon "Doug." The episode was about Doug and his friend, Skeeter, who created a comic book and managed to get it published. I was bored, and even though I could have gone outside, rode my bike, or go to my friend's house, I looked at my desk and noticed a torn piece of scrap paper and a ballpoint pen lying on top of it. I went over to my desk, sat down, and remembering the episode, thought about how cool it would be to create my own comic and all of its characters. I was so inspired by the episode that I picked up the pen and drew my first character: a rough, inky sketch of a boy with shorts and a shirt with two stripes on it. I decided to name him Josh, but then later changed it to Robert Brown. I went on to create all of the other characters: Brittany, a loud, bossy girl...Jake, Brittany's brother...Kenny, a boy who loves to paint...Amy, a girl with red hair and glasses...Karen, Robert Brown's sister...George, a quiet boy who makes good grades...Prudence, a dark haired girl from Washington, and Bosley, Robert Brown's dog. Little did I know that these characters would immediately become a dream that I would chase for the rest of my life.
     During the years 2001, 2002, and 2003, I continued to draw the comic, gradually improving and changing each character's appearance and personalities, putting them all into hilarious situations and adventures. But in 2004, I realized that I was copying Charles Schulz's "Peanut's" Comic too much. Charles Schulz is the one who inspires me every day and keeps telling me deep down in my heart to go on. His drawings and stories gave me many ideas, but I didn't want people to think that Robert Brown was some sort of cheap, elementary copy of Charlie Brown, and so in mid 2004, I changed Robert's last name to White and stuck with it. During my three years in Middle School, "Robert White and Friends" was published in the school newspaper. This was my characters' first debut to the public. When I entered High School, I continued to draw, and I know that someday the entire world will be reading them in the papers someday.
Below are a few strips from "Robert White and Friends." I will put many more on here soon.






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