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.....welcome to ryan's world......

My Friends

This page is dedicated to all of my friends at school who always will be great people no matter what they do.

Left to Right: Rosie, Amanda, Lisa, Amber, Tasha, and Tiff.
Jaron and Nikki sitting backstage before our play, "The Winter of 1917" (November 1, 2005.)
Nikki and Kelley sitting in the auditorium (Probably in Drama Class.)
Nikki and Froggy getting ready to get on the bus for our Drama field trip to Barter Theatre.
Hillary and Jared
Here's the Yearbook Staff getting ready to go to the Apple Festival. (I'm in the back row, third from the left.)

Chris, listening to his "Jams."


My pastor John and I on my baptism and confirmation day.


Lisa, a friend who throws great skating parties!


Jacob, enjoying his big Gatlinburg hamburger from TGI Friday's. Lol.


This is my church's youth group coming back from Resurrection, 2004 in Gatlinburg.


Amanda and Clarke


Me and Samantha

...nothing is impossible...