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.....welcome to ryan's world......

A day in the life of CHS

A daily glimpse of students in action

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"Can't you see we are trying to eat?"
Brandi and Fallon take time to take a picture in the hall.
Students enjoy a casual conversation before the bell rings.
What are these three talking about?
Tacky is 2005's number one fashion!
Friends Forever...
Fun in the sun

Chance makes his way down the hall.

Ricky LOVES homework...NOT!


"We would rather be taking pictures than running the track."



Is Jordan trying to pray during lunch?
Girl Talk...
Sometimes you just gotta dance...
Bill's new makeover...
"Are we tacky enough?"
Love is in the air...
Students show their Warrior spirit at the '04 Homecoming Pep Rally.
Jared, Josh and Keith are ready to
chow down.
What are Trevor and Lindsay doing?
Camo Man

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...nothing is impossible...