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My OZ Collection

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I have a very large Wizard of Oz collection. Over the past years, I have spent an estimated amount of 900 dollars on Oz collectibles, and this site contains a few pictures of my favorite pieces. I order a lot of my collectibles from, and all of them are proudly showcased in a glass cabinet in my home.


This is a miniature pair of pewter ruby slippers made by the Comstock Pewter Co.


Dorothy and Toto standing on the Yellow Brick Road. These figurines are also made of pewter and were also made by Comstock.


"Dancing Dorothy" waterglobe. I bought this one in Gatlinburg.


Witches overlooking Kansas scene. This picture is by N.C Genbeck.


"Wizard of Oz Collage." This is an another item I purchased in Gatlinburg.


Tin Man scented candle by Comstock Co. This is one of the many items I have ordered from

Lollipop Guild Munchkin Figurine (Made of pewter)
Ruby Slippers Thimble (Made of Pewter)
Pewter Toto Thimble
Yellow Brick Road Street Sign
"Wicked Witch and Nikko in the poppy field" Print by N. C. Genbeck
"The Wizard of Oz" Print by N.C Genbeck
"Follow the Yellow Brick Road" Shotglass
Scarecrow Shotglass
4 Piece Magnet Set
Ruby Slippers License Plate
Toto License Plate
Dorothy and Toto 8 X 10 Photo
OZ Poster
OZ Movie Poster
Judy Garland 8 X 10 Photo
Tin Man 8 X 10 Photo
Dorothy with Munchkins 8 X 10 Photo
WICKED WITCH WAY Metal Street Sign
Metal Sign
Ceramic Christmas Ornament
Ceramic Christmas Ornament
Wicked Witch License Plate
Ardleigh Elliott  We're Off To See The Wizard Music Box
"We're off to see the Wizard" Limited Editon Music Box made by the Ardleigh Eliot Company.
Dorothy and Toto Magnet
Tornado Waterglobe. Plays: "It really was no miracle." The tornado inside the globe rotates as the music plays and there is a snowblower that blows the glitter around, making this a really cool item.

"Over the Rainbow" Musical Figurine.

Dorothy Resin Figurine

Plastic Tin Man Cup.

Plastic Oz Figurines. These were displayed on my birthday cake when I turned 5. (1994)

"Over the Rainbow" 2005 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. The yellow brick road lights up as the famous movie melody is heard.

"We're off to see the Wizard" 2005 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.



     The items pictured above are some of my favorite collectibles in my entire collection. I will try to get pictures of the rest of my Oz things on this page soon.

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